Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The curious case of the broadcasters suing Aereo; when all parties actually benefit!

Consumers benefit with better tv viewing experience.

Consumers gain by having another choice, for better tv viewing experience.  Yes they do pay for it but it is a choice.

With Aereo, tv broadcast reaches wider audiences.

Over-the-air tv does not reach all locales with the same quality, some not at all.  With Aereo, they do which means a wider reach of viewers.

And that makes the advertisers happier.

Which ought to delight the broadcasters.

Instead they pull a long face!

Strange when customer service is actually improved for their clients

Without the broadcasters paying a dime

The internet is simply another delivery channel.  With Aereo, the broadcasters are ‘actually’ improving customer service without spending a dime.  Aereo builds it, takes all the risk so anything wrong with them trying to make money out of that?

Actually it’s a brilliant business ‘arrangement’, just that the broadcasters don’t know it yet!  And have you seen better symbiosis?

So is it really about power, control, fear of change or moaning feeling small for not being the one to innovate?  If it’s your kids showing such traits, you’ll surely send them to their room without supper!

p/s: Should the broadcasters keep to their threat to terminate over-the-air transmissions if Aereo win the Supreme Court’s judgement, there’s yet another benefit – the freed wireless spectrum.  It ought to be turned over to broadband providers anyway.  In time, all media (tv, radio, text, video, voice] will flow through broadband including over-the-air transmission.

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